LifeWork Calendar hides private details from others on your work calendar when copies of personal events are created. We understand that different people may have different preferences, so we've provided some options:

  • Show that I'm busy for a "Personal Commitment": with this setting, copies of personal events on your work calendar will show that you're busy for a Personal Commitment, Traveling, or On Vacation. We recommend this setting, as it will signal to your coworkers when you're busy for a personal event explicitly. 
  • Show that I'm "Busy", but don't give a reason: with this setting, copies of personal events will be marked as Private and the title will be "busy". Note: if you've given others "make changes to events" permissions for your calendar in Google as outlined here, they will still see "busy" as the title. They will also be able to see the event description provided by LifeWork Calendar, which simply reinforces that you're busy at that time.
  • Show the full title of personal events, and no other details: with this setting, copies will maintain the title of a personal event from your personal calendar. The description and other details will not be copied over.

You can change this from the Settings page.

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