OK, so you may not use Google Calendar for your personal calendar. Maybe you use iCloud for personal events, even if your work uses GSuite. Maybe you even use Outlook for your personal calendar. 

You may still be able to use LifeWork Calendar with a few extra steps and caveats. If you've reached this page because you answered "No" to the first question in LifeWork onboarding, read on!

  • First, you have to make sure that the personal calendar you want to connect is shared with your work calendar in Google. Here's a guide on how to share an iCloud calendar with your Google Calendar, and here's one for Outlook.
  • Now, go back to the browser window where your LifeWork session is still active and you are still logged in. If you don't have the browser window open anymore, go to https://lifeworkcalendar.com/login and login using the Google account you used originally.
  • Go through the onboarding and connect your Work calendar. Once you get to the step where you're asked to connect your Personal calendar, click the manually link your personal calendar  link at the bottom of the page.
  • Validate that your permissions in Google Calendar match those on the first step of the manual calendar connect page.
  • Go to the next step and find the calendar you'd like to connect. If you don't see the calendar, go back to Google and make sure your permissions are set correctly for that calendar. Once you've found the calendar, click on it and click Next.

Your calendars should now be synced and LifeWork will block personal time on your work calendar as expected!

A few caveats to note:

  • At the end of onboarding, you will be prompted to send a Test Event to try LifeWork out. Using this method, Test Events won't work.
  • There may be slight delays in syncing due to services outside of LifeWork. 

You can always contact us with questions if you need more help.

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