During onboarding, you'll have the opportunity to add LunchBuddy to your calendar so you can defend your time for lunch. LunchBuddy will look for 25-55 minutes of free time between 11:30am and 2pm and add an event for lunch.

If available, LunchBuddy will default to 12pm for lunch, since that is a pretty normal time when most people eat lunch.

When LunchBuddy is turned on, you'll start to see events added to your calendar. They'll look like this:

When LunchBuddy marks lunch as busy

If there is more than 30 minutes of free time left between 11:30am and 2pm, the lunch event will initially be marked as "Free" and have a 🆓emoji on it so that it doesn't appear blocked to others, preserving your flexibility. You'll see the lunch time on your calendar, but others won't.

If this lunch event is booked over, it will automatically reschedule itself. Once there is less than 30 minutes of free time left between 11:30am and 2pm, the event will flip to busy and show as defended to others.

Reclaim LunchBuddy will also mark lunch time as Busy 30 minutes before the event is scheduled to start so you aren't booked over at the last minute.

You can see this behavior visualized in the animation below:

Adjusting Lunch Time

Reclaim will respect changes you make to Lunch time. If you decide you need an hour for lunch instead of a half-hour, you can just change the event directly from your calendar and Reclaim will automatically mark the event as busy and will no longer move it.

Turning LunchBuddy On or Off

You can turn LunchBuddy on and off via the Settings page. If you turn LunchBuddy off, we will remove all lunch blocks from your calendar. If you turn it back on, we will repopulate them around your schedule.


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